A Sanctuary Among Us.

"And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them."  Ex. 25:8 I find it interesting that God wants a place with us.  Yes, a BIG place in our hearts, but also to have a sanctuary where we can meet with Him as a Church and worship together.  Once the tabernacle was…

Hello Again!

The last six weeks have been a whirlwind of out of town trips.  Back in the saddle now for several weeks.  Traveling is great, but I’m happiest when I’m in routine.  I get antsy when my routines get messed up.  I should develop traveling routines, (like blogging on the road!) so that my soul stays…

Growing With The Growth God Gives

Tonight 130 of the top leaders in the Kingdom gathered for a great time of inspiration and learning.  Especially "inspirational" were the redneck pictures that Micah showed!   Here is a powerful teaching that I used at leadership update tonight: GROWING WITH THE GROWTH THAT GOD GIVES When God sends growth to a Church, it’s very…


Wasn’t Connie awesome this past weekend? She’ll be speaking again during the Home Improvement series!  Speaking of the Home Improvement Series, be sure to pay special attention to the instructions for the contest this weekend…you could be the winner! By now everyone knows about the great start we have in the "Upgrade" campaign.  As of…

Learning, learning, learning!

This week I have been priveledged to learn some great Kingdom stuff from some great Church leaders.  First of all, Matt Frye at C3 in Clayton hosted Stovall Weems for a pastor’s roundtable.  Stovall is the pastor of the 7000 member Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL.  Here are a couple of nuggets: 1.  When we…

Dennis Burke

Dennis Burke’s message this past weekend was amazing!  We always learn so much from Him!  Be sure you download the message, or get the cd from the bookstore, and let it sink in!  Cimg0805_edited

Cimg0812_edited Being led into the Presence of God by the BEST worship team in the Kingdom!

Josiah plays ball!

Yep, it’s  that time of year again!  Is it ok if grandpa says that his grandson Josiah is the best ball player ever?  Here’s the proof!

Cimg0834_edited Josiah prepares to swing!

Cimg0835_edited He swings through and hits the ball!

Cimg0821_edited Josiah on first!

Cimg0823_edited Josiah on second!

Cimg0824_editedJosiah on Third!

Cimg0826_edited  Josiah crosses home plate!

Cimg0831_edited Murphy cheers Josiah on!

Improving your parenting skills

1.  Realize that parenting is a learned ability, not a skill you are born with.  Some parents get discouraged when they see other parents that they admire because parenting seems to come so easily for them…but that’s because they realized they needed more knowledge about it, and PURSUED it. 2.  Now that you know that…


One of the BIG subjects I am asked to comment on all the time is parenting.  How did I raise my kids, advice for new parents, new Christian parents, etc.  We are going to cover some parenting issues in the upcoming "Home Improvement" series.  Don’t miss that, for sure!  Some basic advice to chew on…

Upgrade Continued

I know everyone wants to know what was committed to the Upgrade vision.  The truth is that there are still commitments coming in!  We will be announcing this very soon…be patient!  Pray for first fruits offering weekend!  Say it with me…"The largest offering we have ever received!!!" On another note, Micah and I got a…