Dennis Burke

Dennis Burke’s message this past weekend was amazing!  We always learn so much from Him!  Be sure you download the message, or get the cd from the bookstore, and let it sink in!  Cimg0805_edited

Cimg0812_edited Being led into the Presence of God by the BEST worship team in the Kingdom!

Josiah plays ball!

Yep, it’s  that time of year again!  Is it ok if grandpa says that his grandson Josiah is the best ball player ever?  Here’s the proof!

Cimg0834_edited Josiah prepares to swing!

Cimg0835_edited He swings through and hits the ball!

Cimg0821_edited Josiah on first!

Cimg0823_edited Josiah on second!

Cimg0824_editedJosiah on Third!

Cimg0826_edited  Josiah crosses home plate!

Cimg0831_edited Murphy cheers Josiah on!

Improving your parenting skills

1.  Realize that parenting is a learned ability, not a skill you are born with.  Some parents get discouraged when they see other parents that they admire because parenting seems to come so easily for them…but that’s because they realized they needed more knowledge about it, and PURSUED it. 2.  Now that you know that…


One of the BIG subjects I am asked to comment on all the time is parenting.  How did I raise my kids, advice for new parents, new Christian parents, etc.  We are going to cover some parenting issues in the upcoming "Home Improvement" series.  Don’t miss that, for sure!  Some basic advice to chew on…

Upgrade Continued

I know everyone wants to know what was committed to the Upgrade vision.  The truth is that there are still commitments coming in!  We will be announcing this very soon…be patient!  Pray for first fruits offering weekend!  Say it with me…"The largest offering we have ever received!!!" On another note, Micah and I got a…

Are you ready to upgrade?

Thanks to everyone who prayed during this past weekend’s services!  We are still getting commitments in from people who are still deciding or were out of town.  We’ll be announcing the results soon.  Our next prayer project is for this coming weekend’s first fruits offering.  Believe with me for the largest offering in our history,…


As I am putting the finishing touches on this weekend’s message, I just wanted to ask everyone who hits my blog between now (Saturday) and Tomorrow (Sunday) at noon to PRAY HARD for this weekend!  This is going to be one of the biggest weekends we have ever had, and I want to be sure…

Leadership Wired!

Micah and I are at Granger Church in the Chicago area for a meeting with 22 other minister leaders from around the country for "Leadership Live" an intimate setting in which we can ask questions and glean from one of the most innovative Churches in the world.  Pastor Mark Beeson and his team have been…

Now it’s REALLY time to Upgrade!

Ok everybody…this is it…the home stretch.  We had a week of prayer over the Church.  Then we had two weeks of Q&A dinners, where you could ask questions and sharpen your vision for the project.  We’ve had 3 weeks of weekend messages about God’s priority, which is reaching people with the Gospel.  This week we…