“…faith, perceiving as real fact that is not yet revealed to the senses.”- Hebrews 11:11 AMP
Learn how to make the Word of God “come alive” in your life, moving you from hope to faith in every circumstance, through your confession!
Includes the following 6 teachings along with bonus confessions:
1. Have the Faith of God
2. Heroes of the Faith
3. Faith Comes By Hearing
4. The Shield Of Faith
5. Shipwrecked Faith
6. Kicking Your Faith Into High Gear
7. Faith Confessions

A “How To” series on using Xtreme Faith for Healing!
Learn powerful healing principles for extreme situations that will move you toward your manifestation of healing. “Be healed in Jesus’ Name” is not just a catch phrase. It will work for you!
Includes the following 4 teachings along with bonus confessions:
1. Healing Is God’s Will for You
2. The Origin Of Sickness and Disease
3. Faith – The Main Ingredient for Healing
4. Be Healed by the WORD
5. Healing Confessions

Are you drowning in a sea of debt?
Has your marriage lost that spice?
Is your career stuck in a rut?
Are your kids out of control?
You may need a “Word” adjustment!
This 4-part series will enlighten you to the power of your tongue, a little member that directs the course of your life much like a ship is steered by its rudder.
If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless. -James 1:26 NIV

Why tongues? What is praying in tongues?
Praying in tongues wasn’t considered “weird” by the early New Testament Church and shouldn’t be considered “weird” now!
In this 3-part series, you’ll learn what praying in tongues is, how it works, and how to receive it!

In this series you will learn skills to resolve conflict in your marriage.
Messages Include:
– If Your Attitude Could Talk (and it does!)
– Understanding Your Differences
Also included as a bonus
– Confessions for Your Marriage

Whenever money is mentioned, we either think of greed, or that we never seem to have enough!
Is it possible to live a life of more-than-enough without being greedy?
How do I get to the point where I have enough?
Is it God’s will that all Christians be prosperous?
In this 4-part series, Steve Caronna tackles these questions and dispels the myths about prosperous living!
Included as a bonus – Confessions for Your Finances.